This past season of American Idol was one for the ages for East Texas.  Who could've guessed that the small town of Shelbyville would produce a top 5 finalist that would ROCK the nation.

Yes, Katy Perry, that was rock-n-roll that you heard on stage from Cade Foehner...and, that's exactly what you'll hear this Saturday night in Nacogdoches as Foehner will rock the stage at LugNutz on Highway 59 South.  This will be your only chance to catch him in concert before he heads out on a nationwide tour featuring the Top 7 American Idol finalists.

Cade was kind enough to stop by the Merrell in the Morning Show on KICKS 105 Wednesday morning to talk about the concert, but he also gave some insight into what the entire American Idol ride has been like.  Check out the video to that interview at the top of this page.

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