Angelina College is pleased to release the list of graduates for the Class of 2022, with more than 500 students receiving their degrees and/or certifications in various fields of study. These conferred degrees and certifications encompass all graduates from summer and fall semesters (2021) and the Spring 2022 semester.

Following is the list divided by hometown of record and including the appropriate degree and/or certification:


  • Dylan Ray Seymore, AA, General Studies; Paige Nicole Matthews, AAT, Teaching; and Jeromy August Turner, CERT-1, HVAC and Refrigeration-Commercial

Apple Springs

  • Niya Pascal Bryant, AA, Business Administration and Management; Jimmie Lee White, AA, General Studies; Fatima Leanne Davis, AAS, Child and Family Development; Susan Kay Walding, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; and Janett Maciel, CERT-1, Human Services-Basic 


  • Collin Esters Dew, AA, General Studies; Lauri Diane McGee, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; and Tony Wayne Murray, CERT-1, HVAC-Residential


  • Mallory Elizabeth Morgan, AAS, LDN to ADN Transitions Track; Brittani Nicole Parker, AAT, Teaching; Alyssa Sheree Fain, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP; and Marissa Marie Fain, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP


  • Jessica M. Little, AA, General Studies; Angela D. Ward, AA, General Studies; Chiann Basham, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Nailea Elizabeth Blee, AS, Leading to BBA


  • Katherine Taylor Nichols, AAS, Criminal Justice; Diana Lisbeth Solis, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Fernanda Abril Adame, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA-Level 1; and Diana Montserrat Mora Alpirez, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA-Level 1.


  • Carolyn Deloros Frazier, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; and Sandy Michelle Garcia, AAT, Teaching


  • Hannah Belle Mannino, AA, General Studies; and Dana M. Wheat, AA, General Studies


  • Brandi Michelle Gulley, AA, General Studies; Billy Wayne Watts, AA, General Studies; Christopher M. Cobb, AAS, Nursing; Deaven Wayne Fussell, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Ricardo Martinez, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; Diana Mercado, AAS, LDN to ADN Transitions Track; Alex Villafuerte, AAS, Criminal Justice; Lawrence Lee Jolly, AAS, Welding Technology; Starla Renee McKay, AAT, Teaching; Patricia D. Frankens, AS, Leading to BBA; April Nicole Kennebrew, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-Administrative; Gerardo Ochoa, CERT-1 Automotive Technology; and Hillary Ann Bookman, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing


  • Mary Jo Bonner, AA, General Studies; Jaycee Lynn Graham, AA, General Studies; Miesha Laguan Bowens, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Sherika Tekeshia Burns Jackson, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Brandon Lee Galloway, CERT-1, Diesel Technology; Daniel Bryan Sandoval, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; and Delontae Leontra James, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing


  • Michael C. Rogers, AAS, Welding Technology; and Kelsi Nicole Castleberry, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing



  • Taylor Lynn Alvis, AA, General Studies; Samuel Edward Belasco, AA, General Studies; Maricarmen Garcia, AA, General Studies; Emmah Dellana Jones, AA, General Studies; Elizabeth Luna, AA, General Studies; Adrian Joel Reyes, AA, General Studies; Mariel Anahi Faullon, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; Alexis Brianne Grimaldo, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; Ashton Reid Hanes, AAS, Nursing; Yasmine Symone Hulett, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; Esmeralda Tamez, AAS, Business Management Development; Charles Jason Tobias, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Nia Faith Mitchell, AAS, Human Services Case Management; Angela Nicole Santana, AAS, Business Management Development; Dalia Linda Silva, AAS, Child and Family Development; Victor Manuel Ayala, AAT, Teaching; Britney R. Sarmiento, AS, Health Science; Rose Marie Wilson, AS, Leading to BBA; Corey Justin Brown, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; Dillon S. Haschke, CERT-1, EMT-Maintenance Technician Specialty; Jessenia Ibarra, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Jose Alejandro Patlan, CERT-1, Diesel Technology; Victor Guillermo Villareal, CERT-1, HVAC and Refrigeration-Commercial; Adolfo Banuelos, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Clarissa D. Fulton, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP; Eunice Makayla Hernandez, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Gerald Wayne Malanders, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP; and Meaghan Elizabeth Lee Palmer, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP


  • Ashley Ann Groze, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology


  • Cooper Sheridan, AA, General Studies


  • Brandee Nicole Tarver, AAS, Child and Family Development; Cheryl Sue Meschwitz, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; and Tracy Gene Miller, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP



  • Tiffany Alyssa Ruizo, AAS, Nursing; and Grace Ann Baggett, AAS, Criminal Justice


  • Adrianna Nicole Richardson, AAS, Radiologic Technology


  • Debra K. Tillis, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1


  • Kalie Michelle Voss, AA, General Studies; Daisy Michele Brumley, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Danny Ryan Luna, CERT-1, Automotive Technology; Travis Duron Thorne, CERT-1, Basic Welding; and Michael Ryan Turner, CERT-1, Automotive Technology


  • Faith Breanne Garmany, AA, General Studies; Chloe Addyson Lucius, AA, General Studies; and Bret Joseph Procella, CERT-1, Basic Welding



  • Karina Mohammed, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1


  • Cody Shane Cox, AA, Health and Physical Education; Riley Wayne Elledge, AA, General Studies; Sadie Lorene Felts, AA, Business Administration and Management; Jana Lynn Lee, AA, General Studies; Michael Kaden Reep, AA, Business Administration and Management; Laura Wisener Beam, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; Peyton Renee Carlton, AAS, Nursing; Brianna Michelle Cummins, AAS, Criminal Justice; Stephanie Bre’Kesha Malone, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; Charles Noel Naumann, AAS, EMT-Electrical Technician Specialty; Tonya Kay Norris, AAS, Nursing; Dylan Russell Guthery, AAS, Drafting and Design Technology; Charles J. Cassar, CERT-1, Business Management Development; Logan Taylor Lee, CERT-1, Criminal Justice Core; Sara Ann Renee Minshew, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Joshuah Heath Mullin, CERT-1, Diesel Technology; Tracy Lynn Reid, CERT-1, Human Services-Basic; Jeremy Cody Strickland, CERT-1, HVAC and Refrigeration-Commercial; Jeremiah Colter Baxter, CERT-2, EMS-Paramedic; and Mallory Kate Boston, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP



  •  Yvette Nicole Carter, AA, General Studies; Nicole Husband, AA, General Studies; Charlotte Elizabeth Lemoine, AA, General Studies; Jimell Lee Powell, AA, General Studies; Amy Cynthia Vargas, AA, General Studies; Ashleigh Nicole Gilmore, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; Amber Ann Williams, AAS, Criminal Justice; Debria Leshay Cuney, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Lyria Lanese McQueen, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Maria G. Romero,  CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Wyatt Hunter Webb, CERT-1, Drafting and Design Technology; Mykia Jacina White, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-Level 1; Kristopher Blake Carroll, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP; and Dakota Joyce Fancher, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP.



  • Caitlyn Ellise Meyers, AA, General Studies; Carol Doreen Spurlock, AA, General Studies; and Ariana A. Coaliron, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman


  • Tyler Reid Abbey, AA, General Studies; Bailey McKenzie Bowers, AA, General Studies; William Emmet Handy, AA, Business Administration and Management; Paul D. Holley, AA, General Studies; Candi L. Kenyon, AA, Health and Physical Education; Alexander A. Kermani, AA, General Studies; Laney Nichole Rustin, AA, General Studies; Edith Celeste Sheffield, AA, General Studies; Joshua Weldon Turner, AA, General Studies; Kailee B. Whisenhunt, AA, General Studies; Shawn Lorraine Boone, AAS, Business Management Development; Heather M. Eaton, AAS, Business Management Development; Kara Peace Gardner, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; Maghen Haynes, AAS, Human Services-Case Management; Halie Nichole Hill, AAS, Criminal Justice; Austin Carl Cabuyadao Pena, Design and Applied Arts-Graphic Arts; Makayla Lyn Placker, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Shoney Dylan Tenney, AAS, Nursing; Selena Marisela Villasenor, AAS, Nursing; Brittny Elaine Walters, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Summer Leona Wilson, AAS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography; Stephanie Lynn Trevino, AAS, Nursing; Klarissa Evette Casas, AAT, Teaching; Maria Escalante, AAT, Teaching; Alexandra Brena’ Gray, AAT, Teaching; Kristal Nicole Welsh, AAT, Teaching; Tracy Criswell, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Tessah Marie Tipton, CERT-1, Criminal Justice Core; Kristen Leigh Lofton, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Lani Rose Timm, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; and David Aaron Wolf, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing.


  • Makayla Lynne White, AA, Business Administration and Management; Victoria L. Logan, AAS, Respiratory Care; and Jessie Brothers Coleman, AAS, Welding Technology


  • Ethan Connor Ainsworth, AA, General Studies; Lance Edward Albritton, AA, General Studies; Misthk Chyraz Allen, AA, General Studies; Misty Alvarado, AA, General Studies; Jordan Dawn Armstrong, AA, General Studies; Jaylyn Denise Arnold, AA, General Studies; Suriyah Cne Beamon, AA, General Studies; Cashaydron D. Blakemore, AA, General Studies; Lorenzo A. Bonham, AA, General Studies; Dalaya Kathur Briggs, AA, General Studies; Anita M. Buckmaster, AA, General Studies; Tameika Alanyse Burrell, AA, General Studies; Jonathan Calamaco, AA, General Studies; Robert Vincent Campos, AA, General Studies; Jensy Melissa Chirinos, AA, General Studies; Carmeisha Annette Davis, AA, General Studies; Ethan Wyatt Davis, AA, Health and Physical Education; Sergio Luis Diaz, AA, General Studies; Jocelyn Michelle Esparza, AA, Business Administration and Management; Serena Jewell Esteves, AA, General Studies; Mariah Trenyce Figgs, AA, General Studies; Alexander Flores, AA, General Studies; Andrew Patrick Foster, AA, General Studies; Devin Nicole Garcia, AA, General Studies; Jarrod Nicholas Gardner, AA, General Studies; Lamarcus Tremain Goodwin, AA, Health and Physical Education; Jarae Linn Hadley, AA, General Studies; Kylie Bryn Haggard, AA, General Studies; Sheridan Elizabeth Hamilton, AA, General Studies; Halle Brooke Havard, AA, General Studies; Kaylee Denise Havard, AA, General Studies; Slade Jordan Havard, AA, General Studies; Dakotha S. Helton, AA, General Studies; Paytrion Lanique Hunt-Murphy, AA, General Studies; Delaiah Grace Ibarra, AA, General Studies; Kaaliyah Fransheiy Jackson, AA, Business Administration and Management; Datari Jordan-Dedios Jalomo, AA, General Studies; Aidan Richard James, AA, General Studies; Stanley Morris Jenkins, AA, General Studies; Thomas A. Jobe, AA, General Studies; Serenity Alis King, AA, General Studies; Steven Brandt Kruithof, AA, General Studies; Daniel Jason Laenger, AA, Journalism/Mass Communication; Maci Claire Lightfoot, AA, General Studies; Alexis Lopez, AA, General Studies; Stella Marie Luna, AA, General Studies; Adisen Kaeann Massie, AA, General Studies; Mikaela Leann Mathews, AA, General Studies; Kelci Leah McCarty, AA, General Studies; Adam Joshua McFarland, AA, General Studies; Kassidy Elise Melancon, AA, Health and Physical Education; Kasandra Guadalupe Mendoza, AA, General Studies; Siaida Dejanique Mickey, AA, General Studies; Keyla Monroy, AA, General Studies; Guillermo Muniz, AA, General Studies; Toluwanimi Peter Oladele Ajose, AA, General Studies; Amanda Lauren Perry, AA, Business Administration and Management; Samuel Lucas Raines, AA, General Studies; Brianna Noelle Ramirez, AA, General Studies; Hayden Lee Reed, AA, General Studies; Emily Brooke Rodriguez, AA, General Studies; Caroline Schuster, AA, General Studies; Aaliyah Nycole Segura, AA, General Studies; Anna Grace Squyres, AA, General Studies; Belinda Thomas, AA, General Studies; Sania Janae Thomas, AA, General Studies; Ellyce Bernette Rivera Timoteo, AA, General Studies; Robert Torres, AA, General Studies; Whitney Lauren Trawick, AA, General Studies; Dariana Tremillo, AA, General Studies; Brenda C. Trevino, AA, Business Administration and Management; Sabrina Valka, AA, General Studies; Andrea Nicole Vidal, AA, Business Administration and Management; Kayla Nicole Walker, AA, General Studies; Katelyn Brooke Wallace, AA, General Studies; Decamron Lejuan Williams, AA, General Studies; Ethan Kyle Williams, AA, General Studies; Dylan Reed Winthrop, AA, General Studies; Jonathan Aguilar, AAS, Surgical Technology; Alyssa Jordan Arrington, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Tara Rianne Bocock, AAS, Paralegal-Legal Assistant; Brittney A. Brasher, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Chazza Shabon Brown, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; Resheakia Rochelle Brumley, AAS, Nursing; Brittany D. Burke, AAS, Human Services Management; Amanda Ann Camp, AAS, Nursing; Lauren Elise Camp, AAS, Nursing; Ruben Alberto Carrizales, AAS, Diesel Technology; Evelyne Gissele Castillo, AAS, Criminal Justice; Carolyn Charlton, AAS, Human Services Case Management; Heatherly Nicole Chenet, AAS, Nursing; Gloriella Chong, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; Melba Ann Conrad, AAS, General Business; Robert Lee Davis, AAS, Respiratory Care; Francisco Javier Del Angel, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Adrian Delapaz, AAS, Welding Technology; Amber C. Dunn, AAS, Child and Family Development; Janika L. Edwards, AAS, Paralegal-Legal Assistant; Shelby Erin Finch, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; Zephyr Eli Flenoy, AAS, Drafting and Design Technology; Ramon Garza Lizcano, AAS, Welding Technology; Emori Darnell Givens, AAS, Surgical Technology; Mario Alberto Hernandez, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Star Arlene Hernandez, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; Sarah Ruth Hildebrand, AAS, Nursing; Jason Wilton Jones, AAS, Welding Technology; Christian Paul Kaster, AAS, EMT-Electrical Technician Specialty; Kelsey Lynn Knight, AAS, Nursing; Richard Landero, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Claudia Ivet Leyja, AAS, Business Management Development; Adrian Luna, AAS, Nursing; Steven Jeric Macaculop, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Meagan Karissa Mayo, AAS, Nursing; Morgan R. McKay, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Fallon C. Modisette, AAS, Nursing; Ashley R. Nair, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; Shelby Lynn Pate, AAS, Nursing; Elsa Patricia Rodriguez, AAS, Criminal Justice; Nicolas Noah Roth, AAS, Computer Systems Information Programmer/Analyst; Jessica Jean Seymore, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; Jarynn Colbye Sprinkle, AAS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography; Blair Anne Strickland, AAS, Nursing; Monique Teal, AAS, Paralegal-Legal Assistant; Megan Hope Turrentine, AAS, Nursing; Hannah Bianca Uybengkee, AAS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography; Stephany Vargas, AAS, Surgical Technology; Daniel Steven Ward, AAS, Respiratory Care; Timothy Aaron Ward, AAS, Welding Technology; Le’Vante Omar Jermaine Williams, AAS, Surgical Technology; Amarissa Jazmine Yanez, AAS, Criminal Justice; Tatyana Michelle Duffield, AAS, Human Services Case Management; Brandi Nicole Eaves, AAS, Nursing; Mary Angely Garza, AAS, Nursing; Kelly Nelson Hill, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Leslie Irasai Howell-McCollum, AAS, Child and Family Development; Tena Renet McQueen, AAS, Child and Family Development; Edgar Manuel Nolazco, AAS, Welding Technology; Angelica Nicole Peloquen, AAS, Nursing; Natalie Celeste Ramirez, AAS, Office Administration; Virginia Elizabeth Ruiz, AAS, Criminal Justice; Tamira Marvia Taylor, AAS, Criminal Justice; Ty Jordan Thomason, AAS, Design and Applied Arts-Graphic Arts; Jacquiline M. Wahleithner, AAS, Business Management Development; Amy Lynn Warren, AAS, Nursing; Maria Louisa Chavez, AAT, Teaching; Leslie Juanita Hernandez, AAT, Teaching; Marjorie Blaire Kelley, AAT, Teaching; Miranda Ann Kirkland Isham, AAT, Teaching; Melvin Foster Sawyer, AAT, Teaching; Erin Nichole Sprinkle, AAT, Teaching; Nancy Lee Ann Stephens, AAT, Teaching; Marissa Leigh Wall, AAT, Teaching; Alma Vazquez Arevalo, AS, Leading to BBA; Michelle Desirae Barnett, AS, Leading to BBA; Addison Leann Dodd, AS, Multidisciplinary Studies; Christina M. Gallaga, AS, Multidisciplinary Studies; Ke’Vonte Tayvion Hurts, AS, Leading to BBA; Simone Marie Islas, AS, Health Science; Alexis Law, AS, Multidisciplinary Studies; Eric Ramirez Morales, AS, Leading to BBA; Shelby Muro, AS, Leading to BBA; Christian Alexander Ramos, AS, Leading to BBA; Guadalupe Karen Renteria, AS, Leading to BBA; Juana Hayde Acevedo, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Juan Pedro Alvarado, CERT-1, Intermediate Welding; Noemi Kay Avila, CERT-1, Basic Welding; Bianka Abigail Balderas, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Jose Alfredo Barboza, CERT-1, EMT-Maintenance Technician Specialty; Cara Leigh Blair, CERT-1, Human Services-Basic; Junior Oscar Bueno Vallecillo, CERT-1, Intermediate Welding; Hector O. Cerda, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; Jonathan Chavez, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; Oscar Armando Chavez, CERT-1, Basic Welding; Santos Del Toro, CERT-1, Automotive Technology; Tamerat Charles Dozier, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; Yaneice Elizabeth Emerson, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-Level 1; Luis Eduardo Estrada, CERT-1, Drafting and Design Technology; Erica Fernandez, CERT-1, Criminal Justice Core; Jesus Javier Figueroa, CERT-1, HVAC and Refrigeration-Commercial; Jasmine Garcia, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Jacobe Garnet Garrett, CERT-1, HVAC-Residential; Miguel A. Garza, CERT-1, Diesel Technology; Travis Lee Groom, CERT-1, Diesel Technology; Zachary Taylor Guy, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; Lavell Demarques Harrell, CERT-1, Intermediate Welding; William S. Hicks, CERT-1, HVAC and Refrigeration-Commercial; Hunter Holt, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Justice Shavaughn Irvine, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Latoya Denean Jeffery, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-Administrative; Tyler Dwain Lamon, CERT-1, Diesel Technology; Matthew Carroll Lewing, CERT-1, EMT-Maintenance Technician Specialty; Janie Luella Lightfoot, CERT-1, Human Services-Intermediate; Ellie Lopez, Drafting and Design Technology; Emily Nicole Lopez, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Jayson Noel Lopez, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; Brittany Elizabeth Madden, CERT-1, Criminal Justice Core; Danyele Marie Maxon, CERT-1, Business Management Development; Dedrick Deshaun Mayes, CERT-1, HVAC-Residential; Jessie Nathaniel-Gail McLain, CERT-1, Basic Welding; Alberto David Medina, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Marc Andrew Meyer, CERT-1, Sound Recording Technology-Basic; Jennifer Leann Miller, CERT-1, Child and Family Development, CDA-Level 1; Shatavia D. Mitchell, CERT-1, Human Services-Basic; Moises Orlando Montilla, CERT-1, Automotive Technology; Alexander Thomas Mount, CERT-1, Basic Welding; Matthew Ryan Murray, CERT-1, Diesel Technology; Carniesha Sade Parks, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Noel Bryant Proctor, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; David Ramos, CERT-1, EMT-Maintenance Technician Specialty; Nicholas Charles Ray, CERT-1, Machine Tool Technology-Computer Numeric Control; Marco Antonio Rendon, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; Edgar Uriel Reyes, CERT-1, Automotive Technology; Krystin Leann Risby, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Jaron Charles Stringer, CERT-1, HVAC and Refrigeration-Commercial; Kenneth R. Taylor, CERT-1, HVAC and Refrigeration-Commercial; Alisa Marquette Thomas, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-Administrative; Johnny Lee Trapp, CERT-1, Diesel Technology; J’Marcos Blake Vail, CERT-1, HVAC and Refrigeration-Commercial; Ruby Acevedo, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Christopher E. Aigbekaen, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP; Edith Barrera, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Lamyia Raymone Chatman, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Daniela Nicole Cortes, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Inez Celeste Escamilla, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Deaveon Jaqua Farris, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Erica Elizabeth Gonzalez, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Terrence Montrell Harris, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Kathryn Denise Hoyt, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Karina Lyzette Madrigal, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Kaitlyn Jo McMurry, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP; Erica McWhorter, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Micah James Meador, EMS-Paramedic; Jessica Lynn Mothershed, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP; Ayde H. Perdomo, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP; Marlena Lasundra Phillips, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Maria Jacqueline Ramirez, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Cherrelle Celeste Richards, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Roxana Rivera Vazquez, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Mariela Rosales, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; L’Dona Sh’Ray Sheppard, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Amanda Kaetlyn Weeks, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; and Shaylen Michelle Wells, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP




  • Leonel Castro, AAS, EMT-Electrical Technician Specialty

Mount Enterprise

  • Joshua J. Perez, AA, Health and Physical Education


  • Yuvia Vargas, AAS, Human Services Case Management; Sierrah Renee Andrews, AA, General Studies; Kristen Nicole Baker, AA, General Studies; Natalia Garcia, AA, General Studies; April Nicole Green, AA, General Studies; Kaycie L. Skelton, AA, General Studies; Alexandra Rose Smith, AA, General Studies; James Marshall Terry, AA, General Studies; Jessica Valentine, AA, General Studies; Hannah Nicole Alexander, AAS, Nursing; Da’Neisha Dyeshae Brown, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; Celeste R. Carpenter, AAS, Criminal Justice; Kristen Y. Christian, AAS, Paralegal-Legal Assistant; Nashua Duckett, AAS, Surgical Technology; Zenia Duran, AAS, Respiratory Care; Zoe Emeral Shae Dyson, AAS, Nursing; Nancy R. Falcon, AAS, Nursing; Katelyn Nicole Jones, AAS, Criminal Justice; Guadalupe Juarez, AAS, Paralegal-Assistant; Jeremy Jermain Lane, AAS, Welding Technology; Rebeca Montoya, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; Candace Danielle Moton, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Lizeth Rodriguez, AAS, Design and Applied Arts-Graphic Arts; Citlaly Yaranet Salto, AAS, Nursing; Kaleigh Nicole Smith, AAS, Paralegal-Legal Assistant; Nathan M. Smith, AAS, Paralegal-Legal Assistant; Crystal N. Wyatt, AAS, Child and Family Development; William Raymond Ishmael, AAS, Welding Technology; Oluyemisi Olubunmi Oladele-Ajose, AAS, Nursing; Alicia N. Contreras, AAT, Teaching; Monica Maritza Robles, AAT, Teaching; Viviana Torres Gallegos, AAT, Teaching; Kathryn Rose Tracey, AAT, Teaching; Lyndel Cain Carden, AS, Leading to BBA; Carina Garcia-Guardado, AS, Leading to BBA; Jacourtney Lashae Barnes, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Joshua Everett Courmier, CERT-1, Basic Welding; Triston B. Lockwood, CERT-1, Office Administration-Microsoft Office; Cassie Angela Moore, CERT-1, Design and Applied Arts-Graphic Arts; Dolores Guadalupe Najar, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; Ana K. Pineda, CERT-1, Real Estate Salesman; Hector Miguel Ramirez, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; Andres Ruiz, CERT-1, Automotive Technology; Luis Omar Serrano, CERT-1, EMT-Maintenance Technician Specialty; Donisha L. Sterns, CERT-1, Business Management Development; Kyle Shelton Winfield, CERT-1, HVAC-Residential; Boyd A. Ault, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP; Lille Kay Henson-Lasquites, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; Courtney Nicole Polley, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; Jerline Roberts, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing; and Garrett Lyn Stillwell, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing-MEEP


  • Stephanie D. Hubbard, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-CDA Level 1; and Katelyn Rose Marshall, CERT-1, Child and Family Development-Level 1


  • Boravy M. Adkison, AAS, Respiratory Care; John David Peavy, CERT-1, Electronics Technology-Computer Maintenance; and Payton Ponder, CERT-1, Business Management Development


  • Brittany Danielle Easley, AAS, General Business; and Trevez Deandre Galloway, CERT-1, Basic Welding

Point Blank

  • Dainiqia Qeshon Ivory, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Shameka Lashell Young, CERT-1, Business Management Development


  • Teagan M. Jones, AA, General Studies; Jessica D. Morris, AA, General Studies; Kelly Ann Carr, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; Anne Neal, AAS, Nursing; Melanie Michelle Reece, AAS, Nursing; Allie Faye Davis, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Allison Denise Jones, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology


  • Jared Dewayne Woods, CERT-2, Vocational Nursing

San Augustine

  • Rebecca Lynn Mowrey, AAS, Criminal Justice; Carlos Bahena, CERT-1, Computer Information Systems-Microcomputer Applications and Operations; Karissa Shonta Jenkins,  CERT-1, Computer Information Systems-Microcomputer Applications and Operations; Jasmine Lashae’ Moody, CERT-1, Computer Information Systems-Microcomputer Applications and Operations; Tycorion Demone Porter, CERT-1, Computer Information Systems-Microcomputer Applications and Operations; Jacorius Marshane Price, CERT-1, Computer Information Systems-Microcomputer Applications and Operations; Case Aaron Woods, CERT-1, EMT-Electrician Specialty; Torrence Elizabeth Borders, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology; and Emile Mendoza Yanez, CERT-2, Pharmacy Technology


  • Hayleigh Brooke Caston, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; and Allison Nicole Robbins, AAS, Criminal Justice


  • Sara Grace Duke, AAS, Radiologic Technology


  • Lindsay Kaye Jones, AA, General Studies; Jocelyn Marisol Diaz Mercado, AAS, Criminal Justice; Karina Giron, AAS, Paralegal-Legal Assistant; Cedrian R. Pettie, CERT-2, Criminal Justice Core; and Edgar Guerrero Pizano, CERT-2, Criminal Justice Core


  • Kameryn E. Ramer, AAS, Respiratory Care


  • Sarah Jamie Litton, AA, General Studies; Jodi Nichole Reynolds, AAS, LVN to ADN Transitions Track; Theresa Danielle Speaks, AAS, Pharmacy Technology; and Alexis Camryn White, AAS, Nursing


  • Ashley Nicole Cotton, AA, General Studies; Lauren Belle Oliver, AA, General Studies; Macy R. Runnels, AA, Business Administration and Management; Matthew Kyle Nunn, AAS, Design and Applied Arts-Graphic Arts; and Hanna L. Eddings, CERT-1, Design and Applied Arts-Graphic Arts

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