Earlier this week, Nacogdoches firefighters were treated to home-cooked spaghetti dinners courtesy of the Pack 100 cub scouts.  This Wolf den group of 7 and 8 year old boys visited all five stations in the city. 

The boys are Elvin, Ethan, Garrett, James, and August, and they just wanted to show their appreciation to the firefighters who keep our community safe and risk their lives for us.  These scouts have spent the past year focusing on giving back and helping others.  Next month for Christmas, these scouts will be delivering meals to the police stations in Nacogdoches.  Other upcoming projects include a veterans breakfast and helping out at Godtel.

By looking at some of the pictures, you can tell that the firemen really enjoyed the visit from Pack 100,  Station One even thanked them for their meal with a short ride that included lights and sirens




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