According to a press release from the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office (NCSO), deputies were dispatched to the 900 block of 8th Street in Cushing on 5/8/19 around 4:30 am in reference to a vehicle fire. Deputies spoke with a witness who observed a black Dodge Charger stop near a residence and observed 4 males exit the vehicle. The four suspects were observed approaching a house and allegedly setting a car on fire that was parked near a residence. All four subjects then ran back to their vehicle and sped off.  A witness who lived in the area, heard a car alarm go off and then two explosions and then observed that their neighbor's car was on fire.

An attempt to locate was given out on the suspect vehicle that left the scene. Deputies arrived on location and discovered evidence that pointed towards Arson. Deputies learned that the victims ex-boyfriend (Bello Filix Abu) drove a Black Dodge Charger and the two had recently broken up from a dating relationship.

Jacksonville PD and Cherokee Sheriff Office located the Black Dodge Charger in Cherokee County after the incident and identified the four male subjects.  Officers located evidence in the Dodge Charger that could be used to commit Arson.

Investigators went to the Jacksonville Walmart and found footage of Bello and the occupants purchasing a gas can and rags the evening before.

NCSO Investigators interviewed multiple witnesses and obtained a Search Warrant for the Dodge Charger, and seized evidence that was believed to have been used during the Arson. After further investigation, it was determined that Bello was the primary suspect in the case that set the car on fire.

An Arrest Warrant for Arson, a 2nd felony was issued for the arrest of Bello Abu, 29, from Jacksonville. He was arrested by Jacksonville PD on Friday, 05-10-19 and booked into the Cherokee County Jail where he later made bond. This investigation is ongoing.

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