The easy, everyman quality of Ashley McBryde's "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega" is something of a unicorn. Everyone is searching for it. We praise a lot of great songs that come close.

Not since Gretchen Wilson has a female country singer hit upon the blue collar highs and lows that are as much of the modern American spirit as warm coffee. In fact, few have tried, partially because so few contemporary females have lived enough life to understand. McBryde is 34 years old and does not try to hide it. Time is an ally.

Like any great artist's tools, her voice is worn but strong. On "A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega" her approach is lean but personal. Her characters aren't perfect — in fact, it's clear they're bringing regret to the bar with them on this night. It's really tempting to add a "happily ever after" coda to McBryde's story, but it's not likely, and definitely not the singer's point. This isn't a love story, but an American story. Our dreams sometimes die. Our true loves sometimes vanish. But there is always hope. "A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega" is a song of hope.

Did You Know?: Ashley McBryde is not from Dahlonega. She was born and raised in Saddle, Ark.

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Ashley McBryde, "A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega" Lyrics:

To the bag packed, first love leaver / The heart cracked, double down dreamer / The homesick for grass that's greener / And a slice of Mama's peach pie.

To the flat broke, couch cushion gas money / The worker bee that ain't gettin' no honey / Missin' someone all the while runnin' / Gunnin' for the brighter lights.

Here's to the break ups that didn't break us / The break down, wrong turn that takes ya / To a little dive bar in Dahlonega / Hear a song from a band that saves ya, man / It's hittin' rock bottom smoke 'em if you got 'em / Nothing's going right / Makin' the best of the worst day kinda night.

We've all got a number that we don't wanna drunk dial / And a good friend we ain't seen in a while / And a slow dance left in these boots / And a chance at putting down new roots.

You're just singing along with your drink raised / A pretty little blonde thing's looking your way / Makin' the best of the worst day kinda night / Yeah, it's making the best of the worst day kind of night.

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