On the heels of Miranda Lambert’s announcement about her recent nuptials, her Pistol Annies' bandmate Ashley Monroe reflected on the ever changing dynamic of the trio.

“We’re pretty solid as friends, so we just go with the flow with each other,” Monroe says in an interview earlier this month (Feb. 15.) “We’ve all changed, but we’ve known each other for so long. Even though there has been such a plethora of changes, we’ve just learned to roll with them and hold hands the whole time.”

Indeed, there have been marriages and pregnancies and children that are now just another part of the band’s incredible story, a story that began when they first took the stage together back in 2011.

“Since my son was born, it’s kind of crazy and struck a fire inside of me, a breath of innocence and a feeling that I really haven’t felt in a long time,” said Monroe, who gave birth to her son Dalton in July of 2017. “Right now I’m writing songs from a happy place – it’s so interesting and I’m really excited about it. I did get writer’s block and I just could not write when I was pregnant. I don’t know if I was just too hungry in general but I couldn’t hear anything! Then, soon after that the melodies started coming back.”

And despite the constant changes in their personal lives, Monroe says that the Pistol Annies have big plans for 2019.

“I want to keep singing the Pistol Annies songs, because we’ve just got started and Angaleena was very pregnant when we did our four gigs, so I’m excited to sing those songs as they still feel so new,” said Monroe, referring to the fact that Pistol Annies member Angaleena Presley gave birth to her daughter Phoenix just last month.

“The Pistol Annies are doing Country LakeShake in Chicago. I’m really excited about that because it’ll be our first gig with Angaleena after her pregnancy and it’s a big show, so that’ll be fun!”

The trio also wowed a multi-genre audience when, on Feb. 17, they took on Elvis Presley's classic "Love Me" as part of the all-star tribute that television network NBC put together to honor Presley's 1968 comeback special.

See Photos From Elvis All-Star Tribute:

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