If you are planning on going to the Ellen Trout Zoo between rainstorms, you might just catch a glimpse of a new baby. This time, its what I believe to be a baby wallaby. This might even be the baby, of a baby that was born at the zoo. I found a story of a baby wallaby being born at the zoo back in 2011.

ellen trout zoo pouch

Wallabies are miniature versions of kangaroos, and this baby joey is perfectly pocket sized. Though you might not be able to tell from the pictures, it would fit in the palm of your hand. He just recently started looking out of his mothers pouch, and doesn't really even have a lot of hair just yet.

The cool thing is that if you go an visit, this is one baby that they really don't ever have to take off of display. It will be there, even if you don't see it, inside it's mothers pouch. We don't even know the sex at this point, so we will stick to the gender neutral pronouns. You may get to see it taking a look out at you, all the while staying safe and warm in the pouch. I wish I had a pouch, it's cold today.

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