We're gearing up for another great 4th of July celebration with the Ellen Trout Park Fireworks Spectacular brought to us by Mike Love & Associates, Lufkin Parks and Rec, The City of Lufkin, and many more!

This year will be special because we're excited about a new feature that will involve a little help from YOU!

Somehow, Mike has got his hands on a remote detonator for the entire display show, but he must feel like he's hogged all the fun in the past, because this year, he wants one lucky guest to do the honors on starting the spectacular!

There will be personnel at the zoo park on the 4th, and by answering a few easy questions, you will be able to enter for your chance to be the one who activates this year's fireworks!

You'll be given a backstage tour of the actual set up as well as getting to meet the folks who have worked to put this fantastic event together every year.

Here's a video of what the fireworks look like from the ground, but hopefully the remote detonator will allow you to sit comfortably with everyone else as the show begins.


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