Anglers and enthusiasts mark your calendars for May 19-21.  We'll be watching, broadcasting, and tweeting live at Lake Toledo Bend in Many Louisiana.

You can get live updates on the top and bottom bass of every hour, allowing anglers to use strategy when they bring in the bass that might get them a payout.

The fishing will start at 6 am, and the anglers will be able to bring in their fish as early at 7 am. 15 places will be paid each hour of each tournament day and will end through the 1-2 PM hour for the 15 single heaviest bass weighed in.

Each hour, the heaviest bass will be awarded $1,500!

Just to let you know the scale of that, during the Sam Rayburn tournament at the end of April, an angler was able to get the first place spot with a 5.82 lb bass.

The following are the payouts of EACH hour of EACH day of the tournament;

2nd heaviest: $900
3rd heaviest $800
4th heaviest $700
5th heaviest$ 600
6th heaviest $500
7th heaviest $450
8th heaviest $425
9th heaviest $400
10th heaviest $375
11th heaviest $350
12th heaviest $325
13th heaviest $300
14th heaviest $275
15th heaviest $250

Anglers that bring in the exact 3.00/4.00/5.00 weight bass will be awarded $5,000. If those exact weights aren't brought in, the cash award will go into a random drawing at the close of the final day of the tournament.

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