Blake Shelton is one of country music's most recognizable figures, but can you pull him out of this throwback pic? The country superstar posted the ancient photo on Twitter, donning a Billy Ray Cyrus-esque mullet while caressing a shotgun gifted to him by Rascal Flatts.

According to Shelton's post, the young-looking Flatts gave him the shotgun for his birthday 12 years ago. Apparently the gift didn't come without strings, as Shelton also noted in the post that he received the gun after the group "pied" him. Perhaps by that point, it was more of a birthday/apology present.

Though Shelton's greased-up mane looks a little silly in this photo, the singer has adapted well to trends and in the process and has become a modern icon in the country music world. The "She's Got a Way With Words" Shelton has overshadowed the "Austin" Shelton as countless new hits and a starring role on NBC's The Voice has burned the newer, cooler image into the mind of the public.

Shelton is currently finishing up his summer tour with his final show in Colorado Springs on Sept. 16. Three songs ("Came Here to Forget," "A Guy With a Girl," "Every Time I Hear That Song") from Shelton's latest release If I'm Honest rose to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, proving the star is still in high demand (the new helps).

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