With a baby girl on the way, Brett Young is going to have to change a diaper soon, and he says he's ready for it. How ready? Recently the "Catch" singer was put to the test and, well, he might need more practice.

Admittedly the Taste of Country Nights radio team had him putting a diaper on a stuffed bear, and Young says it's been a long time since he's changed a diaper.

"Like I said, when my mom used to work in the nursery ... I helped," he shares (starting at 13:18 in the video above). "It's been a long time though."

Young is able to get the bear changed with some help from new father Evan Paul, who additionally asked Young if he's ready for a different girl-dad duty: nail painting. OK, maybe he's right when he says wife Taylor is never going to let him paint their daughter's nails, but it was fun watching him try.

You can see Young painting nails at 7:19 in the video above.

Young and Taylor Mills' first baby is due in October, and the singer has cleared his schedule to welcome her. They announced they were having a baby in April and revealed that it's going to be a girl a few weeks later. Since then they've shared pictures on social media (including one very hot couple pic) and spoken with enthusiasm about impeding parenthood.

The 38-year-old Young even says he has a song written about his baby girl that he's planning to share with fans. "Catch" is his latest single from his self-titled album, released in 2018.

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