This is not news to us that we have the best gas station in America right here in Texas. In fact, quite a few of the gas stations that we see on Texas road trips are among the best in the country, including Buc-ee's and the Quik Trip.  And you can buy just about anything there.

Other people are noticing that Buc-ee's has clean restrooms that make pit stops kinda fun, and it's got good coffee and those awesome beaver nuggets to snack on.  Oh, and they've got gas too, but that seems kinda second fiddle to the fudge and kolaches and all the addictive dried meats at that jerky counter.  And then shopping for t-shirts and yard art totally derails us, and the next thing we know a fifteen minute stop has turned into a three hour browsing adventure.  Thanks Buc-ee's.

Buc-ee's is the top-rated travel stop in all of America, according to GasBuddy.  And new locations are opening up all the time, like the Katy location. And North Texas is getting its first Buc-ee's north of Fort Worth soon, close to Texas Motor Speedway.  There are 33 Buc-ee's locations so far mostly in Texas, and there are plans to expand into Florida in 2019.  Our closest stores are in Terrell and Madisonville.

GasBuddy says the only other gas station in Texas to make the Top 10 is Quik Trip.  And that's not to be confused with Kwik Trip, which is a Wisconsin-based convenience store that also refuses to spell "quick" correctly.  Our Quik Trips are actually headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we share them with Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.

The gas stations were ranked on things like cleanliness, customer service, outdoor lighting, food, coffee, and restrooms.  Not even the gas!  And that's okay.  We enjoy jerky, coffee, and beaver nuggets more than that anyway.

Gas stations have gotten so much better, haven't they?  No more asking the clerk for the key to the outside restroom and plugging your nose when you go in.  Plan a road trip around a Buc-ee's and Quik Trip stop, and it'll be smooth sailin'.

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