Train’s latest release, “Call Me Sir,” featuring Cam and Travie McCoy, is not only a fun song—it's got a fun video that perfectly encompasses the overall message of the tune.

The chorus of the song charmingly embodies a man who feels more confident with his woman by his side: "When I roll up with her/Everybody calls me 'Sir.'"

In the video, a little boy (who looks a lot like Train frontman Pat Monahan) falls on his bike to the ridicule of his peers, until a lovely little girl with blond curls (who looks a lot like Cam) rides up, befriends him, and helps him regain his self-confidence.

The two end up having an epic water-gun fight, where they're joined by another little boy (who just happens to look a lot like Travie McCoy).

Monahan had glowing words to share about the sweetly enigmatic video, which he shared: "The Call Me Sir video was a blast to make," he noted. "Being around Cam and Travie is always great and the kids that played the younger versions of us were super cute and great at their parts. Might have been the easiest, funnest video shoot in the past 20 years."

Monahan is no stranger to mixing it up with country gals (he's written and/or performed with Taylor Swift, Martina McBride, and Ashley Monroe).

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