It's been one week, but Cameran Nelson and his band are still shaken up over a tour bus accident that resulted in a fatality. The Texas-based country singer took to Facebook to share details and thank fans for support and prayers.

Nelson was driving his band's touring vehicle when he saw a car, which was headed in the opposite direction, begin to drift over the yellow line. He honked, but soon hit the brakes and aimed for the ditch when the vehicle kept veering his way. "As the car passed my window I could see that the driver was slumped over and appeared to be asleep," Nelson writes on Facebook.

Quickly the singer checked on his bandmates (all were uninjured) and then the other driver. It was clear the other driver died in the accident. Texas sheriffs arrived and told them to wait on the bus.

"We waited on the bus until a state trooper knocked on the door," the singer recounts. "He came up and told us that they found several weapons, some stolen, a pistol with a suppressor in his lap, ammunition, what appeared to be stolen credit cards, drug paraphernalia and a flask of Crown laying on the ground next to the car. He wouldn't give us any specifics on his name or where he was from. At that point, they hadn't been able to positively ID him."

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The man's identity is still a mystery, but Nelson seemed to understand that the other driver had family. He was strongly encouraged by police not to respond to the man's family's phone calls or attempts at contact.

Aside from the emotional recovery, Nelson and his band face the very large challenge of replacing gear destroyed when his trailer came unhitched. Insurance is not covering the gear, but a GoFundMe page has been started to help with some of those costs. "The goal is $10K," he says. "That won't cover what we lost, but it would definitely help."

According to his official website, Nelson's next tour stop is Wednesday (July 12) in Marble Falls, Texas. After that he has a break until July 28.

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