Carrie Underwood has been through the highest highs and the lowest lows this year. She survived a terrifying fall that left her with dozens of stitches in her face; she suffered several miscarriages; she got pregnant with her second child; she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and still, internet trolls try to find ways to bring her down.

Over the weekend, the pregnant country star posted a stunning selfie on Instagram where she declared herself "officially a soccer mom" while attending her son Isaiah's soccer game. It's an adorable post, she looks beautiful and happy and healthy, but the trolls came out in droves to mom-shame her for wearing makeup to her son's sporting event.

"Well that is a crap ton of makeup for a soccer game," one user commented on the post, while another wrote "Holy makeup and painted on eyebrows."

"Carrie I’m going to be honest. You are so beautiful honey you don’t need all that makeup . Embrace your natural beauty cause there aren’t many women (including me) who have it. Love ya," wrote another in an odd, backhanded compliment.

The "Cry Pretty" singer's fans were having none of the negativity and clapped back at the haters.

"Carrie girl you be the soccer mom that you wanna be...let the others be jealous. By the way, very pretty so early in the morning," one encouraging fan wrote. "The main thing is that she is a Mom attending her son's soccer game. My son is a h s xc runner who attends all his meets. So, she was wearing a lot of makeup. REALLY?????" commented a flabbergasted supporter. "Ignore the negative comments. Enjoy watching your son play soccer. That’s what is important," another wise fan advised.

Though Underwood is a strong, brave woman, she still gets worried about what the public will say about her. She recently revealed that she was so upfront about her accident after it happened because she didn't want people to think she electively changed her face. Ugh, internet trolls are THE. WORST.

Check out the "controversial" Instagram post below.


Carrie Underwood Before 2017 Face Injury

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