Carrie Underwood warned her Twitter followers that she was planning a sneak attack late last night (March 2), but she didn’t share the details right away. It left us wondering what exactly the ‘Good Girl’ singer had on her mind.

She first tweeted: “In a sneaky mood tonight…Stay tuned…” A few hours later, she posted another tweet, complete with photographic evidence of her sneak attack. Turns out Underwood joined her good pal Brad Paisley onstage in Knoxville, Tenn. While many people dislike the element of surprise, when someone as beautiful and talented as Carrie Underwood sneaks up on you, it doesn’t get much better.

These two should have a variety show, since they clearly have such incredible professional chemistry and history. Following the show, Underwood posted: “Had so much fun tonight surprising BradPaisley – Thanks Knoxville!!”

Paisley also posted a reply tweet, saying that Underwood’s appearance was the best thing to happen on the tour. He wrote: “Coolest thing that’s happened this tour!”

Tourmate Scotty McCreery likely shares that sentiment… for now. Paisley could be staging a sneak attack of his own this weekend, which has the ‘American Idol’ winner on edge. McCreery was caught warning his team to be on high alert last week following a prank bigger than his britches — and he is literally watching his back waiting for Paisley to return the ‘favor.’

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