The historic Pines theater in getting down to boogie on Saturday night. It's all happening downtown Lufkin with a screening of the movie that helped launch John Travolta into stardom.

Disco doesn't have to be dead, and for just $5 you can witness all the groovy moves the way they were originally introduced to America in the '70s.

You're either a fan of this movie and the Bee Gees, or you're not. Or perhaps you just want to watch it "ironically" ya hipster!

Either way, you really can't beat a $5 movie ticket. Maybe I'm just directing you all to the Pines, because I'll be watching 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2' for the third time.

It's getting too hot to be running around in East Texas, and chilling in a movie theater is one of the best options we have.

Now just for good measure, here's a video I found of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon doing their rendition of the Barry Gibb talkshow with the real Barry Gibb.

I also think we wouldn't have the iconic 'Pulp Fiction' dance scene without the roots set in by 'Saturday Night Fever.' Respect your elders and go watch this movie on Saturday Night!


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