Colt Ford is shaking things up with his latest single, "4 Lane Gone," as his longtime fans can see for themselves in his new lyric video.

The country rapper is taking a new approach on the track, singing all the way through instead of blending rapping and singing. Written by Houston Phillips, Josh Thompson and Kyle Fishman, the song was just released last Tuesday (Aug. 30), and it's the first taste we've had so far of Ford's upcoming album, Love Hope Faith, which is slated for release in the spring of 2017.

"I am working harder than ever to make sure I continue to grow as an artist and give the fans something new and exciting — I know that without my fans, I wouldn't be anything," Ford says. "I truly love the sound of '4 Lane Gone' and I pray that everyone else will, too. I know I'm not a great singer, but I think my voice is unique and honest. I always want to cut the best songs and '4 Lane Gone' is a great song that I was lucky to be able to record."

The lyric video — which is premiering exclusively on Taste of Country — uses imagery of a Texaco, beer, highways and rural roads and a truck that's stuck in the mud to visually depict the story in the song, which is an unusual twist on a girl-that-got-away theme.

"I love what my team did with the lyric video. It captures the sentiment of the song and really takes you on the journey of what I'm singing," Ford says. "This is not a breakup song — he really wants the girl even though she is chasing her dream and he is chasing her. He just gets stuck along the way."

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