It looks like a Chick-fil-a in Amarillo Texas is getting in on the "Brad's Wife" fun by offering up a position in their restaurant.

Before I go down this rabbit hole, I think it would be best to remind everyone this is a nationwide joke, and unwarranted hatred of Cracker Barrel restaurants as a chain shouldn't be the end result.

I think we all follow the sentiments of young Justin Durio here. His Facebook post about the whole "Brad's Wife" situation seems to be the only aspect we understand.

If you're confused about any bit of this story, you're not alone. You can see the full background by
clicking this link, but apparently any little thing can become an overnight meme. There's really no way to know the formula of what strange image or saying will become the next national craze, but for right now. Everyone is freaking out over Brad's wife.

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