The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans were scheduled to play in Houston Thursday. The city is dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane right now and the team wants the game to go on.

The Dallas Cowboys have confirmed that the game Thursday has been moved to AT&T Stadium. The Texans have actually been in Dallas since their last preseason game on Saturday. They were unable to land due to Hurricane Harvey. The Cowboys have opened up The Star in Frisco for the Texans to practice.

Houston Texans Pro Bowler J.J. Watt wants the game to go on Thursday. "If there is something played this week, I think we should definitely involve some sort of fundraiser, some sort of way to benefit the people back home. Because like I said, this is a much bigger issue than just a football game," said Watt.

I'm with him. If this game does get played, the Cowboys weren't planning on having another game. So any profits made during this game should go to the city of Houston. I think Jerry could do that to help out a fellow NFL city. Maybe all ticket sales go to the city of Houston? Just an idea.

The other thing I am sure people are saying is, 'Isn't there big things going on besides a football game?' Yes, without a doubt. Do preseason games count? Technically, no. This final game helps determine your final roster. This game could decide a lot of guy's future in the NFL, so I am sure they want this game to go on.

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