If you want to know how to be a great outdoorsman, look to country singer Craig Morgan. In addition to his music career, Morgan is an avid hunter and stars in his own show on the Outdoor Channel, Craig Morgan's All Access Outdoors. In an exclusive interview, the singer revealed to The Boot what hunting camouflage to wear and his tricks and tips for a successful hunt.

Morgan says that the camo brand Mossy Oak is the best, in his opinion -- specifically their new "Break-Up Country" pattern.

"It's a great pattern because you can use it in the Southeast, or you can go to the West Coast, and it blends in no matter what," he explains, adding with a laugh, "There's some technology there that's at a much higher pay level than me."

As an experienced outdoorsman, Morgan has hunted everything from whitetail deer and turkeys to alligators and warthogs -- and he's learned some big lessons.

"Work the wind. Always hunt the wind. Always have the wind in your face and the animal in front of you -- that way they can't smell you," he says. "[You] don't want them to smell you; they can smell an apple two miles away."

But the best advice that Morgan's ever received is simple: "Don't take yourself too serious."

A member of the Grand Ole Opry since 2008, Morgan takes his music as seriously as his hunting. He's been working on a new record -- his third -- and recently released a new single, "When I'm Gone."

"I get excited about this record because I think the content is somewhat similar to stuff I've done in the past: There's some fun, uptempo energy; every bit of this record is positive. But, most importantly, sonically, it's the best record I have ever had," Morgan raves. "I think people that don't know Craig Morgan will listen and go, 'Oh, I love country music now,' or whatever. I hope they say that. People that know Craig Morgan are gonna go, 'Wow, this is different that what he's done in the past,' but there's still enough of me there that I don't think it will distract."

Between his time in the spotlight and his time in the wilderness, there's not much that Morgan hasn't seen. Still, one thing surprises Morgan when he sees it from stage.

"I'm still weirded out by the people taking off their clothes," he says with a laugh.

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