If you combine the stars of A&E masterpiece 'Duck Dynasty' and a current country music single, do you know what you'll find? Darius Rucker's forthcoming 'Wagon Wheel' video, which will feature the duck call masters.

The Robertson family, who has made their fortune from their family owned and operated business (appropriately named Duck Commander) joined the 'True Believers' singer in his newest music video.

The filming was done in Watertown, Tenn. on Tuesday (Mar. 5), and apparently Rucker had a terrific time, as he tweeted, "Truly awesome when u meet folks and they r cooler and nicer than u thought they would be. Thank u @DuckDynastyAE." Sounds like the close-knit family certainly didn't ruffle any feathers with the country star.

With five No. 1 hits under his belt, and an upcoming 2013 True Believers Tour, Rucker may not have a lot of time to keep up with the newest season of 'Duck Dynasty,' but at least he got to be up close and personal America's favorite bearded family.