New music seems to be closer and closer from the legendary Dixie Chicks, and frontwoman Natalie Maines fueled fans' appetites yet more this week, posting photos on her social media Tuesday (July 31) suggesting that the trio is collaborating with .fun mastermind and pop powerhouse producer Jack Antonoff.

Maines took to Instagram to share a photo of Antonoff playing the fiddle, in what appears to be a studio setting. "Fiddle face," she wrote as a caption.

She also posted a shot captioned "Fiddle feet," where it's unclear who is playing, but is apparent whoever it is happens to be in the same studio space.

Probably the most telling post was one of a notebook, in which Maines related, "Keeping the writing of every song in one notebook this go round, and keeping it old school with pen and paper."

All of this suggests that the Chicks are probably getting ready to emerge on the scene yet again—plus, Maines has been utilizing the hashtag #dcx2018 of late, although there has not been any official confirmation that things are brewing in this direction.

Maines has been teasing new music from the Chicks since June. The group enjoyed enormous success in the country genre at their peak, but werei infamously impacted by the fallout from a negative comment Maines made onstage about then-president George W. Bush in 2003,

After releasing a response album, Taking the Long Way, in 2006, the trio has toured on and off in different parts of the world, most recently in America in 2016 on their DCX MMXVI World Tour.

Antonoff is a power player in the pop arena, having co-written and produced Taylor Swift's 2017 hit "Look What You Made Me Do," as well as other contributions to her reputation album of that same year.

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