What would you do if you stepped out of your home to see a single "parade" float sitting in front of your house playing festive music? I put the word "parade" in quotes because there is no parade following this random float that apparently just drives into neighborhoods to liven up the place.

Thanks to Joe Betance for uploading this bizarre video. It took us a third viewing to notice they had a sponsor banner on the float which took a little of the magic out of it, but it's still fun.

I honestly wouldn't mind seeing something like this from time to time. Hey, maybe we should build our own float and just randomly appear around town to throw goodies at folks and play music from our station. If you see a parade float coming your way, please don't shoot at it. We aren't crazy folks, we're just trying to bring a litte fun to your 5 AM.

I'm kidding of course ... maybe.