So, what did you do Saturday?

Cody Teel started the day at the San Antonio Xtreme Bulls competition where he rode two bulls.  Then he made the long trip to Lufkin just in time to compete in the Lufkin CBR Bull Bash. 

The Kountze, Texas native was the only bull rider to stay on for 8 second in the first, semifinal, and shoot out rounds earning Teel the championship of the 25th annual Bull Bash.  He scored rides of 88.5 and 89 before topping out with a 91 point ride in the final round.  All in all, Teel pocketed nearly $19,000 for his work at the Bull Bash and now he's back atop the rankings in the CBR.

You can take a look at the 91 point ride at the CBR Facebook page.