We've all been there before. It's that question of "what's for dinner?" And then, we have all the options. What's your preference?

First off, we have 'American food'. I'm talking about burgers, fries, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc. The all-American food can be found at so many different places around East Texas. And, it's available in sit-down restaurants, as well as fast-food joints.

Next up, we have Mexican food. We have no shortage of these in East Texas. We have chains of Mexican restaurants, and even several mom-n-pop shops to choose from. So, if you're in a hurry, you can drive through, but if you've got the time, you can sit down and enjoy the meal.

Up next, we have Italian food. There aren't quite as many of these to choose from in our neck of the woods. However, it doesn't mean that the Italian food joints that we have aren't good. We have a few different places to grab a great pizza, or possibly even great lasagna.

Chinese food is next on the list. This is another one that we don't have quite as big of a pool to choose from. However, once again, we have some awesome restaurants to make our way to. And there's even a few drive-through places to grab a quick bite from.

So, now it's time to decide. What kind of food do you prefer? Was it one of the ones that I listed above, or do you have a different preference? Let us know!

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