Over the years, many singers have performed at various East Texas venues, but Tuesday afternoon at the Standpipe Coffee House in Lufkin, Eddie & the Ramblers put on a show that will never be equaled. 

Never heard of this band?  That's okay, they didn't exist until a few days, and Tuesday marked their first and possibly last concert.

Eddie is a resident at Grace Care Center in Lufkin and his dream has been to put on a concert and to record a CD.  Dreams do come true...with the help of the Grace Field of Dreams program.  Over the past several months the staff at Grace Care Center has been trying, when and where possible, to fulfill the dreams of some of their residents such as flying in a plane or having an elaborate dinner on the town.

Each of these 'Field of Dreams' takes a lot of volunteers and sponsors as certainly was the case for fulfilling Eddie's dream.  Until Tuesday morning, Eddie thought that he was just going to sing a few songs in front of his fellow residents, however, things changed quickly when a lavish motorhome provided by Foretravel pulled up to pick up the singer and take him to his concert venue.  Even a banner emblazoned with 'Eddie & The Ramblers' (compliments of the Sign Shop, Too) was attached to the makeshift tour bus.

Eddie's motor home pulled up to the Standpipe Coffee House in downtown Lufkin where a throng of giddy, poster-holding fans were gathered.  Inside, techs from Savvy Agency were gathered to record the concert while Johnny Riley and Tim Burge provided the accompaniment as the newly formed 'Ramblers'.

From Don't Be Cruel to I'll Fly Away, what a wonderful way to spend the lunch hour as all in attendance were drawn into the excitement and emotions of a man who got to live out his dreams.  The video shows some of the pictures from the event.


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