This Wednesday -- October 31 -- we celebrate the Halloween holiday nationwide. And some of country's hottest stars are especially excited for the day, as they'll get to relive their own childhoods through the eyes of their children.

Eric Church and his wife, Katherine, get to have their first 'real' Halloween with their son, Boone, who turned a year old earlier this month. Boone was even able to pick out his own costume this year -- whether he realized it or not.

"We are going to do the trick or treating and stuff [this year]," Church tells Taste of Country. "[My son's] just at the age where there’s not a lot of candy that he can have, but he loves to play with his shoes and play with his socks, especially if it has a monster foot or whatever. So what I did was I went through a magazine that my wife had gotten. I was going through the ones that had really cute costumes for kids his age, and I just waited for him to point at one and kind of gravitate toward it. There was one… I think it was a shark, so we’re going to dress him up like a shark or something!"

Darius Rucker's kids are a bit older at 7, 11 and 17, so they understand how Halloween works. But this year, it's the Rucker family dog that's getting the spotlight. "My kids have decided that our dog is their sister, so we were at the Halloween store the other day, and I actually OK'd a Halloween costume for the dog ... I never thought I was going to be that guy," Rucker admits to Taste of Country with a big laugh.

He continues, "I was that guy who would see my friends put sweaters on their dogs, and I would make sure I would text them about how idiotic their dog looked. Now, I’m going to have a dog that’s going to be like a Roman Gladiator or something [laughs]!"

Although Justin Moore's oldest daughter, Ella Kole, is only 2 years old, her proud dad says that she enjoys the other side of the Halloween activities -- passing out of candy at the door. "Halloween is definitely more fun than it has been with kids," Moore tells Taste of Country. "They make anything fun. It’s funny, last year it was the first year that Ella really knew what was going on and really understood dressing up and trick-or-treating. But the funniest thing was she enjoyed the kids coming up to our house and handing them out candy more than going out and getting it herself [laughs]. We had the bowl right by the door, and kids would come up and trick-or-treat. She was handing it out to all the kids. It was pretty funny!"

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