The Family Crisis Center of East Texas (FCCET) Board of Directors recently approved the appointment of longtime FCCET employee, Whitney Burran as the new Executive Director. Burran replaces Heather Kartye, who has been the Executive Director for the past 10 years.

“Heather is leaving the agency in great hands. We are fortunate that she is staying on as long as needed to train Whitney and make the transition smooth,” said Dan Taravella, FCCET Board Chair.


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The Board had a huge response from interested candidates for the position, drawing applicants from well outside the East Texas area. After interviews were conducted, the Board felt that Burran was the best selection. Burran has been with the agency for 12 years and is currently the Operations Director.

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“We felt that her long tenure, dedication to the organization, dedication to the mission and her knowledge of the job are all benefits that made her the Board's choice,” said Taravella.

We are confident that the FCCET will continue to serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the East Texas area for years to come, as it has for over 40 years. The organization has a long history of serving the community. Empowering survivors and educating the community is our mission, and we feel that Whitney will continue that mission with the outstanding staff at the FCCET.”

“I am so grateful and thankful to our Board of Directors for the opportunity and their confidence in me to fill the role of Executive Director for the Family Crisis Center of East Texas,” said Burran. "To be given the opportunity to lead our organization in empowering survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault is such an honor.”



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