Allie Colleen is finding out who she is in her new song "Along the Way."

Garth Brooks' youngest daughter continues to show off her strong vocal chops on a sweet song that serves as a tribute to her best friend, Emily, and her decision to move away and find herself, too.

The lyrics are steeped in encouragement, championing a loved one to find the missing piece of themselves and leap across the sky, touching the moon and stars before coming back down to earth.

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"I hope that you discover yourself / Along the way to my heart / Along the way to this bed / Along the way to my arms / Like the tide that pulls you in / And I used to say I didn't / I know I need you now," she sings with her glistening voice over a gentle melody of acoustic guitar and prominent drums.

"This song was inspired by my best friend, Emily, and was inspired by our distance and what it is like to love someone who you know needs to leave and grow up and explore," Allie explains in a press release. "We hope it encourages you to do some exploration of your own, we hope that you go out and you find all there is to find, and we hope that after all that, you realize that what you had before is worth coming back to. This song is about the courage to look for more and at the end of the day be happy with settling down with the one you love."

"Along the Way" follows Allie's debut single, "Work in Progress," which was released in July 2019.

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