Garth Brooks admits that he's not the biggest Halloween fan in his family, but there is a costume he pulled off one year that's timeless. For years, the holiday was just a day to celebrate with his daughters.

“The kids have moved on, and the Queen cannot," Brooks tells Taste of Country Nights, referring to wife Trisha Yearwood.

Brooks has dressed as a joker or a jester in the past, but those don't compare to his Star Wars themed outfit. “My favorite has to be Darth Vader with a cowboy hat," he recalls. "It’s Garth Vader. It just makes sense.”

Last year at Halloween, Brooks admits he was underdressed. In fact, he may have even been unaware it was that time of year, because he just assumed his team was having a good time when they were running around in costume. Yearwood's costume clued him in, thankfylly.

“I’m starting ‘In Another’s Eyes,’ here she comes up full green — she’s the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz," Brooks says, describing her hands, face and arms. "And the crowd went crazy."

Brooks talked to ToC Nights and other media during an event at AT&T Stadium in Dallas earlier this month. The "Baby, Let's Lay Down and Dance" singer revealed details about his upcoming Christmas album with Yearwood, as well as the story behind his upcoming 11th studio album Gunslinger. Both projects will be available in November.

If Yearwood surprises Brooks in costume this year, she'll have to do it at home. He doesn't have tour dates planned until Nov. 12 in Richmond, Va.

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