Garth Brooks is keeping his options open for when his youngest daughter graduates in 2014. While the singer has said he won’t hit the road or record new music until then, he could be considering a different sort of career during his later years.

In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Brooks admits he’s considered politics. “Yeah, sure! Everyone who’s ever been an employer or a boss is basically leading people. So the thought of leading people doesn’t scare me,” he tells Robin Leach, who spoke with him for the publication. “What scares me is that our system is 200 years old, one of the youngest systems on the planet, and our system is the best system out there.”

The country legend quickly reassures people that just because he feels he’s fit to lead doesn’t mean he thinks his opinions on this country are always right. Fans who’ve seen his show at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas know he’s still as humble as the day he first set foot on the Grand Old Opry stage.

“My dad had a saying and always said, ‘Son, just because you’re the best of what’s out there doesn’t mean you’re worth a s—t,’ the 49-year-old says, talking again about the American government. “You’ve got to look in your own mirror and say, ‘Can our system be better? It might be the best one that’s out there, but can our system be better?’ The answer is yes! If we cannot stop voting on what’s Democratic and what’s Republican instead of what’s right or wrong, we are doomed. Maybe it’ll be up to people like me to make it better.”

Brooks’ youngest daughter, Alli,e is 15-years-old. In 2000, he said he was retiring until she graduated high school, but has since resurfaced with multiple box set packages and at occasional charity shows. The speculation is that he’ll return to making music and touring once he and wife Trisha Yearwood are empty-nesters.

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