I went to Gatorfest on Saturday, and now I want a pet gator, a full-time gator chef, and an airboat. If you didn't make it out to Anahuac this weekend, boy did you miss out. But it's ok! We've got photos and video to catch you up.

I've got a pretty long bucket list going. It's got a lot of stuff on it, but some of the things I never thought I'd actually get to do - like petting a live alligator.Little did I know that there's an entire festival devoted to just that.

We can check 'pet a gator' off the list. We can check 'eat a gator' off the list, too. The bacon-wrapped fried gator was a huge hit at the festival: the stand selling it ran out just before I got there. They had to close down for a few hours to prepare more, and when they reopened the line was the longest of any food vendor there! Worth the wait though: bacon and gator were clearly meant to be together.

And then, there were the airboats. The airboat ride was a big highlight of the day.

[onescreen item="5133705"]

They were big, loud, and fast. Surprisingly dry though - the biggest splash came after the ride when we got hit by a wave from a passing boat. I really want my own airboat now.

We've got a whole gallery of photos from Saturday here, including pics of Whiskey Myers and Stoney LaRue!