Have you seen these little gadgets we're giving away? You can link it to your smart phone, and send out a signal to make it chirp.

I don't know about you all, but this thing could really be a life saver ... Or at least a huge time saver.

Have you ever been late to a meeting and couldn't find your keys? With this lightweight blue tooth square, you will be able to find your missing stuff a whole lot easier.

Check out the page where we're holding the actual contest. There's a cool video of our pal Mark testing it out.

Remote controllers for TV sets need to come with this technology already built in. Who do we talk to about getting that started?

The contest ends in a few weeks, and if you're not one of the lucky few that gets your hands on these little miracle gadgets, just pop over to your local tech shop or online, because we got a handful of them for $20 each.

I wouldn't be surprised if new parents start attaching these little alarms to their kids. Get ready to start seeing a lot more beeping kids at Walmart folks!

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