Going for a ride in a high performance race car might look like a blast, but it’s quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. These are powerful, fuel injected vehicles that respond to the slightest movements and reactions. One slight turn or brake can mean the different between setting a world record for the fastest lap on the Circuits of the Americas or the most compound fractures sustained in a car accident.

Brazilian Formula One driver Lucas di Grassi decided to give the fans a chance to experience a ride in a race car with this first person video from the driver’s seat.

This might look like any of the other first-person car videos on YouTube, but it’s actually very unique. In fact, it’s literally one-of-a-kind.

It’s very difficult to put a camera in a F1 racer. There is only one seat in the car. So it’s almost impossible to mount a camera in the thing that doesn’t block the driver’s view.

This video is the first to record a lap from the eye-level perspective of the driver. It had to be placed right on di Grassi’s face to get an accurate view. The driver said he had to do the whole lap with one eye closed. The only way another F1 racer could beat that is if they had both eyes closed and we’re sure their very expensive car and health insurance wouldn’t even cover that.

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