Granger Smith's new single "Happens Like That" is an honest love song that may even tell your story. Once again the singer relates to the romantic inside even the baddest bad boy.

We're all capable of being knocked over by true love, and Smith tells that story in this first taste of his second album on Wheelhouse Records. "Happens Like That" isn't too much of a departure from songs on his Remington album. The mid-tempo love song relies on a down-the-middle arrangement and his cowboy storytelling. That's not a bad bet, and he does it well.

Smith is a master at finding soft spots with easily accessible, precise lyrics. He had help on this new song, but if "Happens Like That" didn't feel pulled from his personal love story, the message would feel shallow. Few are as appreciative of how universal a personal experience can become if framed properly.

Did You Know?: Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line helped Smith pen "Happens Like That" with Jordan Schmidt, Justin Wilson and Andy Albert.

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Granger Smith's "Happens Like That" Lyrics:

You order a drink, it goes down smooth / Before you can blink it turns into two / It was just gonna be another night with the boys / Shooting some pool, pickin' a stool and making some noise / Then she walks in and I never dance / Turns into tippin' the band, and taking her hand ... ah man

It happens like that / Outta the blue sky, lost in her blue eyes / When it happens like that / Nothing to lose turns right into you / Doing all you can do just to keep her around / Till the moon goes down and you're back at your house / One thing leads to another, you're loving each other / One look and you never look back  / It happens like that.

I guess that's what you get / It's true what they say / As soon as you stop looking it's right in front of your face / Cause there you were and there I was and here we are I tell you what.

Ever wonder how / Just one drink / Turns into one knee down with a diamond ring.

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