On Saturday, August 28th at around 2:30 am Kaylor Campbell was a passenger in a vehicle traveling north on First Street in Diboll. At the Intersection of First and MLK, a small dark-colored car pulled along the driver's side of Kaylor's vehicle.

What happens next has left a family without a son. Multiple unidentified criminals in the other vehicle fired numerous gunshots into Kaylor's vehicle, killing him.

It happens so fast in the video, unless you knew what had happened there would be no way to know. The shooters drove away northbound on First Street.

How You Can Help

If you can identify the shooters in this crime, or provide any information that might help solve this murder you are being asked to do so. The Diboll Police Department and the grieving family need your help.

Submit a tip anonymously by using the 'Solve This' button below, or use the Crime Stoppers App.  

Name the criminals for a chance at the Crime Stoppers Reward. If you can name them just call Crime Stoppers at 936-639-TIPS.

Watch The Video And Get Paid

Lufkin Crime Stoppers has reward money and more than a couple of unsolved crimes. Though this video is grainy and in black and white, if you know the shooters, it would be easy to get that reward money.

If you are the first person that makes the anonymous tip submitted to Crime Stoppers that ends up solving the case, you could earn a cash reward. The entire process from tip to reward is made without ever identifying you, but only if you submit the tip in the correct way.

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