All kinds of local East Texas performers and Native dancers will be filling downtown Lufkin at the Heritage Festival on Saturday, October 22, 2022. Join the festival from 2 pm to 8 pm.

There will be many regional food trucks to pick from at the festival featuring food from all over. The weather will be perfect for being outside and enjoying the festival.

This event is an entire vibe and one of the most interesting events that happen every year in downtown Lufkin. There is free parking and free admission, so you can bring out the entire family and have a great afternoon.

Kids Activities At The Heritage Festival In Downtown Lufkin

You could pick up something handcrafted from some of the unique artisan vendors. There will be a variety of cultural creations from shows and fairs all over the state.

Expect to find pottery, handmade craft items, jewelry, oil, watercolor, and acrylic art all there for sale. There will be hands-on exhibits from African American, Asian American, Latin American, and many other cultures.

Kids activities will start at 2 pm and continue until 6 pm. Starting at 6 pm there will be live music from Los Del Chicos 512 Selena Experience Concert.

Watch The Selena Look-A-Like Contest In Lufkin, Texas

Before the Los Del Chicos performance, there will be a Selena look-alike contest at 5 pm. Watch as a winner is picked from four different age groups.

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Find out what Lufkin is about by experiencing all of the different cultures of our town. This event is a huge combined effort from Visit Lufkin, Angelina Arts Alliance, Museum of East Texas, City of Lufkin Parks and Recreation, and their many community partners.

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