These are unprecedented times that we are living in right now.  We are anxious about what each new day will bring to us, our families, and our communities.

We pray for the scientists and researchers who are trying to find vaccines, cures, and treatments.  We pray for the people on the front lines such as doctors, nurses, health care workers, law enforcement and first responders.

They have extremely important jobs during this pandemic.  Also playing huge roles are those people who lead us in prayer, those who give us comfort and guidance during these troubling times.  I'm talking about our pastors, our priests...our shepherds.

We want to hear from them.  Every day on KICKS at 7 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm, we want to have a local pastor lead our listeners in the Lord's Prayer.  Here's the format we want you follow:

  • Introduce yourself and your church
  • (optional) Give a message of inspiration (no longer than 20 seconds)
  • Say the Lord's Prayer

Just make a recording and send it to us at the e-mail address below.  Please include your name and contact information in the e-mail.

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