The Naranjo Museum of Natural History has dedicated this week as SPACE week. Blast off into the great unknown!

This week is the Naranjo Museum's Space Week. They will focus on how NASA and other programs traveled to space in the past, and take a look at the "The Orion Program," which will take us further than ever before.

Space Week 2017 is a perfect opportunity for school field trips. Teachers can request a special tour through the added NASA exhibits as well as the permanent Naranjo Museum staples.

Kids interested in the great unknown reaches of outer space will learn a great deal about what it takes to be a part of our top-of-the-line space programs. Only a select group of men and women take it further, and turn it into a career.  Tomorrow at 1 pm the museum will have Guest speakers Elizabeth Leblanc of the NASA Orion Program, along with Orion System Engineer, Joseph Leblanc.

The weekday schedule is more about field trips and speakers, but Saturday they turn up the family fun.  They will have new exhibits from NASA, and coloring pages for kids as well as some other added festivities.

Naranjo Museum via Facebook

Bring the kids to learn about space exploration, and the machines built to help us. The rest of the museum will be available for anyone who still wants to learn about all the cool dinosaurs that roamed the Earth.

Check out details from last years space week. CLICK HERE


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