You can’t win if you don’t play, we’ve all heard the saying before but with having two Texans winning big to start the month of June, it makes me want to go buy a ticket. If you didn’t know already the Texas Lottery website actually tells you what lottery games are currently in play and how many winning tickets have been redeemed. While it still takes luck to get a winning jackpot these details can help you pick which game to play. And recently there were two different lottery players in Texas that each took home $2 million dollar prizes. 

While I don’t play the lottery very often, except when the big prizes get huge, it’s always fun to think about what you would do if you won the big money. That is the new reality for the two newest millionaires in the state of Texas. According to the Texas Lottery the first $2 million dollar prize was awarded from the scratch ticket game Premier Cash, the ticket was purchased at Murphy Chevron in Stafford, Texas. The other $2 million dollar winner was from a Powerball jackpot with the ticket being sold in San Antonio. 

Both Winners Are Remaining Anonymous 

Remember in the state of Texas if you win the big money, you can remain anonymous. Which I think is a smart decision because you’re putting yourself in danger when you let everyone know you have that much money. 

What Was Your Biggest Lottery Win? 

If you’re comfortable with answering, please visit the comment section and let us know your biggest lottery win and what game you were playing. Personally, my biggest was $16 on a Powerball ticket, I bought more tickets with that money and lost it all. Ugh.  

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