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  • Make your Christmas dreams come true
  • Mother-in-law suite
  • Mid-century Modern Brookhollow

If you have ever been out looking at Christmas lights in Lufkin you might remember the spectacle that happened at 1406 Oak Hill Place in the Brookhollow Subdivision. The family that lived there always put on an amazing display.

There were video screens, mega trees, and every imaginable decoration known to man on the large front lawn. Being in a cul-de-sac made it the perfect place for holiday gawkers to dip in and watch the show.

Now you can benefit from their hard work and turn this Mid-century modern home into your own personal winter wonderland. There is almost an acre to fill with all of your Christmas wishes.

This Lufkin Home Is Already Set Up To Make A Huge Christmas Display

Though the previous owners took their decorations with them, they put in a separate electrical sub-panel. It is still active on the property so you can decorate with lights to your heart's content without worry.

The rest of the house is no slouch either. Beautiful wood beams and truly interesting paneling greet you when you come into the house.

Everything that you would expect to find in a home built with 60's craftsmanship. One thing I didn't expect to find was a huge mother-in-law suite.

Lufkin, Texas Home For Sale With A Mother-In-Law Suite With Screened-In Porch 

The mother-in-law suite is a huge selling point of this home. Many people need their parents and older siblings to live with them, and this house has one of the best setups I have ever seen.

It's all on one level, and the shower is very accessible. There is even a separate entrance with a ramp.

Take a look around and get those Christmas ideas.

This Lufkin Home Is Wired For Christmas

The previous owners made improvements to this property to make certain they had the best Christmas lights in town. You could be the Clark Griswold of Lufkin.

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