There is never a dull moment in Lufkin when you have residents with interesting pets. A kangaroo was on the loose in Fuller Springs early on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

Fuller Springs is on Highway 69 on the southeastern edge of Lufkin in Central Angelina County. The community has been around since the 70's and was annexed by Lufkin in the early 1990's.

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The residents still keep up the Fuller Springs name; even though it is no longer a town, the residents all remember the old boundaries. They keep in touch through a Facebook page called "Heart of Fuller Springs" which keeps everyone connected. See the video posted below.

They use the page for local happenings and garage sales in their area. The members always watch for unusual activity, and they found it this time.

Lufkin Residents Watch Kangaroo Bounce Down Fuller Springs Drive

It's rare in most neighborhoods to see any animal unaccompanied. A random dog with no apparent owners is the most action you will find.

Pamela Cara Cherry Manley/Facebook
Pamela Cara Cherry Manley/Facebook

In Deep East Texas, we do it big. After residents spotted a fully grown kangaroo bouncing down Fuller Springs Drive, it was enough for a few of them to snap a photo and post it on the local Facebook group.

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Some were skeptical and thought that it was just a prank. Then more and more people said they saw the male kangaroos, as two were on the loose.

The animals escaped an enclosure in the neighborhood, and the owners quickly got them back into their pen after becoming aware of their escape, thanks to all the area residents.

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