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Live in Tyler, Texas for any extended period from late May to late September and you know the Texas heat can be extreme and brutal at times. Our lawns will take a beating from lack of rainfall, our bodies take a beating from the humidity and our vehicles take a beating from the relentlessness of the suns intense rays beaming down on its surface all summer long.

Growing up in Texas, it's just a part of life and you'll go searching to find relief in any way you can - shade from a large tree, a swimming hole, a water park, or simply indoors in the air conditioning, where I prefer to find my relief. As summer begins to ramp up, the temperatures will be rising along with the humidity levels with some parts of Texas will feeling the effects of the extreme heat far worse than others.

When looking at Texas as a whole, it's no wonder that the hottest county in Texas comes from the southwestern region of the state. According to a compiled list from Stacker, the summer's hottest county in Texas comes from the southwest.

So which county in Texas is the hottest?

Looking at average daily temperatures from June to August 2022 along with the historic average high, Stacker

compiled a list of the counties with the warmest summers in Texas using data from the National Centers for Environmental Information. Data represents the average temperatures from June to August 2022; the historic average is the average for these months from 1901 to 2000."

While it may seem pretty hot here in East Texas, there were no East Texas counties in the top 20.

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