Kane Brown won't take any disrespect from any unruly fans and has made it clear he has no problem kicking someone out if they cross the line.

Brown was performing at State Farm Arena in Atlanta when a fan flipped him the middle finger during his song "I Can Feel It."

The moment was caught on video, showing Brown expertly multitasking as he deals with the disrespectful man without missing a single beat of his song in the process.

The singer can be seen gesturing for the man to come up to the stage. "Come here, I wanna show you what flipping me off will do," the singer says between lyrics. He also appears to say off the mic that he's going to "beat his a**."

The man never does make his way down to the stage, and Brown flagged a security guard over to point the man out so that they could "get his a** out of here."

The video, which you can see below, is making its way around the internet and country fans are praising Brown for standing up for himself.

"The multitasking is superior," one fan commented.

"Without skipping a beat, too, I love it," another said.

Many fans also questioned why someone would spend so much money to go to a show just to flip off the artist. "[You] go to a Kane brown concert and flip him off? Good way to waste [your] money," summed it up pretty well.

Kane Brown isn't the first artist to have some issues with fans, Miranda Lambert has had a few different run-ins with fans at her shows.

So, if you are thinking about checking out Kane Brown anytime soon, keep your fingers to yourself!

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