Megan Moroney casts a stark visual distinction between two kinds of women in the music video for her song "I'm Not Pretty."

One cohort is the "nice girls," with perfectly-coiffed, matching platinum-blonde locks and pastel-pink outfits, who sip champagne, bake perfectly-decorated cakes and solve complex math equations on a whiteboard together.

The other group — the "mean girls" — have dark hair and clothing, and the cake they try to bake falls apart in a smokey, burnt mess: They're too busy tearing down other women to focus on their own lives and projects.

Moroney co-directed the video, and she says she'd had a vision in mind for "I'm Not Pretty"'s video treatment ever since she wrote the song.

"I cast my best friends in real life to be in it, and thought it was really important to portray the difference in the nice girls that seem to mind their own business and the mean girls who spend all of their time tearing down others," she explains in a statement.

"Moral of the story: Nice girls always win! I hope my fans love the video and it continues to become the empowering anthem it is."

The over-exaggerated, tongue-in-cheek divide between two groups of women is so pronounced in this clip that it calls to mind some late-'90s and early-2000s movies: Mean Girls, Heathers and Legally Blonde.

Just like in those classic films, Moroney and her gang of gals pals effortlessly triumph over toxicity and prove that being nice is always a better strategy than getting embroiled in a jealousy-based popularity war.

"I'm Not Pretty" comes off the track list of Moroney's debut album, Lucky.

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