Jamie Lynn Spears has gotten in some hot water with some of her fanbase after posting ads on her social media for Flat Tummy Co. shakes.

Spears captioned the photo with "#ad Get ready for all the National Pizza Day posts tmrw 😂 I’ve got my Flat Tummy Co shakes so if I decide to treat myself to a slice or two 🍕 I'll be able to get right back on track! Get 20% off using the link below and try them for yourself!"

The company in question has been known to pay influencers to post ads on their social media. The Kardashians have been longtime supporters for the brand, and have posted several of their products; which include detox teas, appetite-suppressing lollipops and their new smoothies.

Celebrities have taken notice of the trend, and while some support the brand and post about its products, many influencers are speaking out against it and promoting body positivity and healthier routes to fitness (such as good old-fashioned workouts).

The company first came under fire when the internet learned that it works similarly as a laxative does, and quite a few doctors and health professionals have warned against using it.

Spears posted the ad on both Instagram and Twitter. The Twitter brigade came in swiftly responding with information about the company and asking her why she supports the company. However, her Instagram post has more than 10,000 likes and all of the comments are primarily discussing how good she looks. She does look good, but we're all for her having a guilt-free slice (or three) of pizza when the mood strikes.

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