Jason Aldean's new single "Any Ol' Barstool" strikes a chord as it paints the picture of a man struggling through a breakup. While he pretends everything is okay, the song tells a different story. Aldean has released a brand-new video for the song.

The video for "Any Ol' Barstool" was directed by Shaun Silva, and Aldean tells Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to keep the video simple to match the song.

"This is one of those classic country heartache songs where the guy is trying to convince his girl that he is fine, but in reality he's not," Aldean says in a press release. "So, I wanted the video to relay that classic heartache scenario we’ve all been in, but with a little twist which Shaun is always good at."

The nearly four-minute clip shows some girlfriends out at a bar while checking in with their friend who is staying at home. As the plot develops, it is evident that the girl is trying to avoid the bar, where her ex works as a bartender.

While her friends fill her in on her ex's night, snapping photos and taking shots with him as well as sneaking in a photo of him getting close to another woman, she's at home alone mourning the relationship. While the relationship may be at its end, she still cares about him, and when her friends tell her he got in the middle of a fight at the bar and was thrown into a barstool, she comes running to his rescue -- but it may be too late. Watch the video for "Any Ol Barstool" above to see the twist.

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