Team Adam Levine's Jesse Larson stepped into the world of country music with his cover of of Chris Stapleton's "I Was Wrong" on The Voice on Monday night (May 15).

Larson is now the sole representer of Levine's team, and he decided to tackle the Stapleton song because he feels it "is the best fit I've had yet." During rehearsal, Larson said the song reminds him of his dad and will allow him to "show my genuine self to America," with his coach adding that they found a "gold mine" in this song.

"My belief in Jesse is so real. I genuinely believe that this guy is the best we've got," Levine gushed, promising fans they'll "blow your minds" if he makes it to the finale.

Larson certainly did the Stapleton track justice, clearly feeling the emotion of the song as he delivered its thoughtful lyrics authentically. The rocker has just the right amount of grit and edge in his voice to perform the song, and even had the opportunity to show off his incredible guitar skills during the instrumental breakdown, with his coach nodding in approval before standing up at his chair to show his support.

After Larson closed out a solid performance of "I Was Wrong," Levine gave his team member the ultimate compliment, saying he's "out of this world talented" and the "best singer in this competition." Hopefully America agrees, as he is Levine's last artist and only hope of making it into the Season 12 finale next week (May 22) at 8PM ET on NBC. All three full-time country singers — Lauren Duski, Brennley Brown and Aaliyah Moulden — are vying for a spot in the coveted top four.

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