If anyone looks like they have it all together, it’s Jessie James Decker. Yet, in a new interview with Taste of Country, the “Roots and Wings” singer admits that looks can sometimes be deceiving.

“I was getting ready to sing at the Grand Ole Opry a few weeks back, and I was completely overwhelmed,” she recalls. “I do my own makeup and hair, so there I was running around with my eyelashes hanging off trying to get ready. It was quite a sight.”

But it is in these times that Decker often calls in the reinforcements, including hubby Eric Decker. While the former NFL football player helps a ton at home trying to wrangle their three young children, Eric really steps up to the plate while out on the road.

“My husband is awesome,” says Decker, who is currently out on her “Jessie James Decker 2019 tour.” He really knows when I need some space before a show to get mentally prepared for everything, so he will take the kids to a jump house or something around town to keep them busy. And once they get back, I can turn the mom back on and be with the kids before I go on stage.”

Indeed, with the Decker household moving like such a fine-tuned machine both at home and out on the road, it makes one wonder if these two might consider adding another baby to the mix?

“I always thought I would be a 2-kid mom, and then we had another one” Decker laughs. “We are always open to having another one, but as of right now, we are just fine as a family of five.”

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